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27 years Bearded Collie. This means a never-ending relationship with something very special. As graceful as a pearl   


To date I have been able to call 4 Bearded Collies my own. Each one so special, so trusting, so wonderful, so unique.


I would like to thank the breeders for this​​ Birgit and Manfred Ufer for Lina and Kerry, with Carla Podlich for Emmy Lu  and at Prof. Dr. Thomas and Inka Kallert for Cleo. 

During this time I followed breeding, attended dog shows and thereby found my Bearded type. I had my dogs Emmy and Cleo judged at exhibitions with great success. This is how I came to the decision to breed.

I breed according to the rules and specifications of the VDH (Association for the German Canine Industry) and am a member of the Club for British Shepherd Dogs and the Bearded Collie Club Germany. 

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